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The Research Papers/Case Studies are invited from Academia, Industry Professionals, Alumni as well as Management Students. The conference will have the following indicative sub-themes related to Energy & Infrastructure sector. However, any topic within the broad theme and sub-themes can also be included.  

Business and Techno-Managerial Issues & Prospects in Emerging Economies

          Kyoto Protocol: Prospects and Challenges

          Energy Security Challenges

          Business of LNG: Problems and Prospects

          Energy Supply and Demand Challenges

          Challenges of Energy Cooperation in Developed and Emerging           


          Development Challenges on Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

          Geopolitics of Energy: Emerging Trends and Changing Landscape

          Digital Development Challenges in E&I Sector

          Environmental Issues & Carbon Credit Management

          Energy Security and World Economy

          Business Trends and Practices of E&I Sector

          IT Infrastructure for Automation in E&I Sector

          Energy Economics

          Energy Audit

          Energy Efficiency

          Green Technology

          Managing Climate Change and Resource Challenges

          City Gas Distribution (CGD): Prospects and Challenges

Regulatory and Policy Issues & Prospects in Emerging Economies


          Energy Regulation and Policy

          Emerging Infrastructure Policy Issues & Challenges

          Global Policy Convergence

          Challenges of Industrial Policy

          Role of Government in Formulating and Implementing Policy

          Global Energy Governance

           Disaster Management Practices

          Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility Issues & Challenges

          Regulatory Structure and Review of Government Policy


Marketing Issues & Prospects in Emerging Economies

          Sustainable Marketing

          CRM: Issues & Challenges

          Pricing and Demand Estimation

          Value Creation & Delivery Challenges

          Branding and Marketing Innovations

          Energy Pricing

          Green Marketing

          From Commodities and Utilities to Brands


Operations Management Issues & Prospects in Emerging



          E&I Value Chain

          Designing Delivery Practices

          Industrial Risk Management Practices

          Role of IT in Managing E&I Sector Operations

          Operational Issues and Challenges for LNG Business

          Energy Storage & Maintenance Issues and Challenges

          Automation for Efficient Operations

          Supply Chain Management Logistics and Service Delivery


Financial and Accounting Issue & Prospects in Emerging 



          Policy Framework for Investment

          Project Finance, Energy Trading and Risk Management Strategies 

           and Challenges

          Role of Financial Institutions, Bond Financing, Public-Private


          Auditing, Accounting And Taxation Practices

          Energy Efficiency Financing

          Stakeholders Management

          Legal and Regulatory Framework for Investment and Financing

          Opportunities for Investing In Renewable Energy Projects

          Opportunities for Investing In  LNG Projects

          International Financial Reporting Standards

          Portfolio Analysis & Optimization Techniques


Social & Human Resource Management Issues & Prospects in

Emerging Economies


         Strategic HR Challenges and Sustainable Business Performance

         Talent Management

         HRD Systems and Processes

         Managing Cross-cultural Issues

         Leadership & Change Management

         Energy-Efficient Workplaces and Sustainable Development

         Energy Conservation Behavior and Community Development Challenges

         Health, Safety and Environmental Issues and Challenges

         Pro-Environmental Behavior at Workplaces









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