Distinguished Visitors

A significant portion of management education comes through learning from real life experiences. And the best way is to learn directly from the horse’s mouth.

Over the years, SPM has been privileged to host some of the best globally renowned dignitaries from various sectors. From Prime Ministers and Consul Generals of various nations, to humanitarians and philanthropists, to entrepreneurs and corporate leaders, PDPU has provided opportunities to the students to meet people from all walks of life. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get to meet such illustrious dignitaries and learn the art of their trade,
and the students of SPM have had many such experiences.


Mr. Deepak P. Mahurkar
Director, Leader Oil & Gas Industry Practice, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, India Mr. Mahurkar was invited to SPM campus to discuss issues & challenges with exploration and production ofOil and Gas, macroeconomic view and an international perspective of the oil and gas sector. His session was based on PWC report titled ‘It’s our turn now: E&P partnership for energy security’ launched in October 2012. The session was catalyst in encouraging extensive discussions and involved the academicians, researchers and students of SPM directly with the critical issue of energy security.

Dr. Suman Bery
Chief Economist – Shell Group Dr. Bery was invited for a guest session at SPM on recent Shell report titled “NEW LENS SCENARIOS: A shift in perspective for a world in transition”. This expert session attracted numerous Industry stalwarts and Government officials from various departments. Dr. Suman Bery greatly appreciated SPM for conducting such stimulating sessions. He also mentioned that “It
was interesting to interact with students of SPM. Hope it will stimulate interest in Shell scenarios”.

Mr. Vishal Gada
Director, Tax & Regulatory Practices, KPMG India Mr. Gada was invited to SPM campus to give insights on the Impact of IFRS on Oil & Gas Sector of India. He also gave a clear picture about Direct Tax implications during E&P activities in Oil & Gas sector. He appreciated SPM efforts to organize such interactive sessions and also mentioned that students of SPM are well informed on the nitty-gritty’s of Accounting & Taxation.

Ms. Sally Brazier
Director of Ceostra Ltd & Acclara Ltd. & Marketing & Design Management Consultant ,UK Ms. Sally has a wide experience in Strategic Design Management. At SPM, she has delivered a lecture on Design and its relevance in business strategy. She demonstrated how innovative designs
can help to devise better marketing strategies.

Mr. Nirmal Sinha (USA)
(Former Dean, INSEAD School of Business & Kellog School of Management) Shri Nirmal Sinha, a committed Social Worker, known as an Outstanding American & Shri Dipak C. Jain, offered a guest session on “Globalization of Education” & “Enduring Value of Management Education in India”. They deliberated on the Enduring Value of Management Education in global scenario: the trends affecting management education.
He highlighted the fact that Rigor, Relevance and Results should be the prime focus for Experiential Global Learning.